Day 13 (Part II): Bridging Gaps – and People

One of the most celebrated sections of Bay Trail will be one that connects Oakland with San Francisco for both pedestrians and bicycles and it can’t come soon enough.  As the Bay Area eagerly awaits the completion of the new iconic eastern span of the Bay Bridge there is a very large contingent of us … Continue reading Day 13 (Part II): Bridging Gaps – and People

Day 13 (Part I): Undaunted Courage

I was born in 1968, exactly one month after Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated and almost a month before Robert F. Kennedy met the same fate. Green Bay beat the Oakland Raiders in the Super Bowl, and “In The Heat of the Night” won the Oscar for Best Picture.  Nelson Mandela had already served … Continue reading Day 13 (Part I): Undaunted Courage

Day 12: An Unexpected Detour

POST TREK UPDATE:  Thanks to artist Tom Schultz, I now know much more about the creator of the above sculpture.  His name is Osha Neumann and he is a gifted artist, activist, author and local civil rights attorney who represents the homeless.  More information about Osha can be found in this article on the Art … Continue reading Day 12: An Unexpected Detour