To be honest I do not remember the exact moment when I learned about the existence of an ambitious project to create a continuous trail circumnavigating the entire San Francisco Bay. I suppose it might have been while on a morning walk with my LWD (Little White Dog), Oscar, in Marin in early April of 2013. What I realized, however, is that if I didn’t know about it, how many other people are not aware of it either? And, better yet, how can we raise awareness of this incredible recreational resource that millions of us use every day? You use it to get to work. You taught your children how to ride a bike on it. You walk your dog on it. Which brings us to my last question: How many of us newly initiated to the Bay Trail, would be so willing to become advocates and help spread the word or perhaps even pledge financial support to help see this incredible resource come to full fruition.

In walking the Bay Trail in one continuous loop in 30 days, I wish to raise awareness of its existence and, through that awareness, to raise funds from individuals and corporations in order to help with the completion of the trail. The beauty of all of this is that, with the help of our incredible public transit system and my Clipper Card, I will be able to accomplish this feat and still rest my weary head each night in the comfort of my own home in San Francisco. Via bus, ferry and train, I will travel to and from my start and end points each day as I make my way around the Bay.

I have been a San Francisco resident since I moved here in 1993. However, I was introduced to the Bay much earlier by an article in World Magazine (a junior version of National Geographic) in 1976. Someone had decided to create an art installation between Interstate 80 and the Bay from driftwood, hubcaps and miscellaneous articles discarded along the East Bay shoreline between Berkeley and the Bay Bridge. Someday I would have to visit that strange, bizarre place where wood, metal and miscellaneous “junk” comes together to form robotic creatures in an urban marshland far, far away. Indeed, I made that journey sooner than later and was able to see this display – and my first glimpse of what would someday be part of the Bay Trail – from the backseat of a station wagon while heading to San Francisco for the first time to see Alcatraz with my family.

So here I am, thirty six years later, ready to give back in the best way I know how – through action and advocacy. With the help of the MTC and my Clipper Card, my goal will soon become a reality and, with your support, there will be a whole new contingent of newly initiated SF Bay Trailblazers like you, ready to give back as well! I thank you in advance for your support and I hope for the opportunity to meet some of you out on the trail – I won’t be hard to find as I plan to wear a GPS tracker that will show me in real-time on Google maps via a link on my website.

See you on the Trail!


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  1. Please go over the Bay Bridge to Oakland annem right at Emeryville on the coast there is Isabel’s Point. And it’s the Bay Trail on the other side of the bay we got birds strange views Bay Bridge and the Golden Gate in one frame just a suggestion thank you. If you got camera you got to check it out. Do you have camera?

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