This crazy idea of circumnavigating the Bay in one continuous loop in less than 30 days was conceived on a day when I was feeling particularly inspired to put myself out there for a greater cause (or maybe it was just a Jerry McGuire moment after eating bad pizza) – in any case it would not be possible without the assistance of the individuals, government agencies and local businesses who took me seriously and share my passion for the crown jewel of the Bay Area – an ecological wonder of awe-inspiring beauty that draws people from around the globe to our shorelines every day.

LAURA THOMPSON, BAY TRAIL PROJECT MANAGER: When I first reached out to the Bay Trail staff with an email I initially thought to be a bit over the top with enthusiasm, Laura Thompson, Bay Trail Project Manager, responded in kind and immediately jumped on board. We met, we spoke, we planned and the rest is history. Laura eats, breathes and lives for the Bay Trail, so a huge thank you to Laura for taking a chance to meet with me and helping propel a “Jerry McGuire” moment of inspiration into reality.

BRENDA KAHN, MTC: The tentacles of the Bay Trail extend far and wide and I speak not of the actual trail but of the network of individuals and agencies involved in what is a practice of group-think on a massive scale. When I explained to Laura that I wished to accomplish my journey via my feet and public transportation she immediately put me in touch with Brenda Kahn of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission. Brenda was kind enough to advocate on my behalf to have my trek sponsored by the Clipper card which I will use daily to get to and from my start and ending points. A huge thanks goes out to Brenda for providing that key ingredient to my journey – and for also being a motivational force and excellent proof-reader!

BAY TRAIL VOLUNTEERS, STAFF AND BOARD MEMBERS: Public service takes a level of commitment and dedication few people will ever fully understand or appreciate.  Thank you to everyone who put in endless hours and dedication to support the Bay Trail and their respective community.

KINGMOND YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHY:  Kingmond Young is an extremely talented local photographer who did the Bay Crossings article photography.  The image of me on my homepage was from that photo-shoot and Kingman was kind enough to grant me permission to use it.

GREENALP.COM: This is the company that created the free Real-Time GPS Tracker app I downloaded to my Android so my progress along the Bay Trail can be tracked in real-time.

I could go on and on here, since this project involves so many people from so many places but I will end by giving special thanks in advance to Bay Trail expert and fellow trekker, CORINNE DEBRA – – for offering advice and support along the way.

Good work everyone and again, thank you for your support and ongoing efforts to put the final pieces of the Bay Trail together.

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